Express Interior
Vacuuming, window cleaning, detailing of dash, console, doors, and door jambs.

Prices start at $85

Shampoo & Detail
Shampoo of seats, carpets, mats, and detail of dash, console, doors, doorjambs with window cleaning, and conditioning.

Prices start at $145

Premium Interior
Shamoo & Detail service plus fabric protection treatment.

Prices start at $175

Express Exterior
Hand wash and wax.

Prices start at $75

Polish & Wax
Full prep, hand wash, polish and wax with wheel and tire detailing.

Prices start at $125

Buff & Sealant
Full prep, wash, three-stage buff with wax, paint sealant, wheel and tires..

Prices start at $200

Express Package
Express Interior & Express Exterior services.

Prices start at $140

VIP Detail
The Shampoo & Detail plus The Polish & Wax services.

Prices start at $225

VIP Plus Detail
Premium Interior Detail plus the Buff and Sealant.

Prices start at $300

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